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This is not a blog or personal site. It is a garden — a growing mass of interconnected notes. Inspired by the early internet and a desire to explore new media, I invite you to peruse at your leisure. Here’s a map to get started, but remember:

The map is not the territory” — Alfred Korzybski 


Technik (technology)

Darśana (philosophy)

Technē (art)

🧐 Who am I?

This is what I am up to now and the tools I use.

I am a programmer, writer, humanist-technologist, (primal) mover, and friendly human!

Philosophical qualifying:

The modern human is thrown into a condition of constantly explaining ourselves to others. This can be wonderful, but it can also feel terribly oppressive. This scene from Sense8 captures the innocuous poignance of that question.

Click on my me page for the longer story. I’d ❤️ to connect and hear yours.

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Email: arman.jindal@hey.com || arman.jindal@columbia.edu GitHub: https://github.com/armanjindal LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/arman-jindal

Last Updated: April 14th, 2024