Here’s a list of things I use. Tools are meant to enhance our powers of shaping the world. I am trying and discarding. By keeping an explicit list, I interrogate if I need something. I need to use less, better. These tools help me create instead of only consume.



  • Arc by the Browser Company
  • Quartz (static site generator for Obsidian vault)
  • HEY (email) and HEYDAY
  • Basecamp (project management)
  • Bitwarden (Open Source Password Manager)
  • Marta (finder replacement)
  • Alfred 5 (spotlight replacement) — Pro Supporter
  • Spotify
  • iTerm (with zsh)
  • VSCode
  • Programming: Bash, Ruby, Python, Javascript/HTML/CSS, Postgress, C
  • Frameworks: Tailwind, Rails