Updated September, 8th 2023:

  • Starting a four-month (post-graduation) sabbatical (September — January) where I will be traveling. Starting in the Netherlands and ending in India. I’ll be writing a log here.
  • Hacking on a project to enrich Google Maps with events/real-time data. I am treating Google Maps as the “infrastructure” and building on top of it to discover people, places, and events on the move.
  • I write here every day.
  • I am cutting out all YouTube for the sabbatical to cultivate my deep attention and be more intentional. The site has introduced TikTok-like shorts, and they are addictive.

Upcoming Events:

  • 10-day Vipassana meditation in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts (September 20th - October 1st) at Dhamma Dharā
  • RailsWorld Conference October 5-6 in Amsterdam.



See anything here that you want to talk about? Please connect with me and I will be thrilled to chat!

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